celery blood pressure myth

Celery May Help Bring Your High Blood Pressure Down. Celery contains a phytochemical called phthalides. As an extract, it’s called NBP, and it relaxes the tissues of the artery walls to increase blood flow and reduce blood pressure. Eating the whole food, though, is better. Celery stalk salt content is low, and you also get fiber, magnesium and potassium to help regulate your blood pressure, as well.

Celery May Help Bring Your High Blood Pressure Down
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WebThe main blood pressure-lowering effect of celery comes from its high content of natural nitrites, however, similar to those found in beet root. These dilate blood vessels to help.

citalopram 10mg to lose weight

Citalopram & Weight Loss livestrong. In a review of citalopram for weight loss conducted by the National Library of Medicine, only four percent of patients experienced a decrease in appetite after taking the medication. In clinical trials, the average amount of.

Citalopram & Weight Loss livestrong
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Because of gastrointestinal and metabolic side effects of citalopram, it may also be common for patients to experience weight loss while on citalopram. In some patients, weight gain is a.